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Mat Sports Youth Wrestling is dedicated to providing a wrestling experience for the youth of Marin County and the surrounding greater bay area.  New wrestlers and experienced wrestlers age 4 through 18 are welcomed to join. High school athletes new to the sport will be taught by arrangement.


PRACTICE are two nights a week from September through May - Regular Season and June through August - Summer Season.  A schedule of local tournaments are planned so that every club member of every ability level will have a competitive challenge.


AAU Membership required to practice.

Click link to purchase your single season AAU added benefit (AB) membership card here for : Athlete $16.00 or  Non-Athlete $18.00 for coaches, officials, and volunteers; please take mandatory course for coaches, officials, and volunteers (POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE). 


Use Club Name: Mat Sports and AAU Club Code: WWCE7Y

SCWAY membership required for club wrestlers attending SCWAY wrestling matches. Folkstyle - Only $17 per year

USAW membership required for club wrestlers attending USA Wrestling matches.  Folkstyle/Freestyle/Greco $40 per year

Sponsorship available for those in need.

How To Join Us
    (415) 235-4094 or email coach@matsport.org

Not Just Your Brother's Sport

Wrestling is a "life-sport".  Like all martial arts, wrestling is a sport of control and discipline. 

Boys Wrestling Club: 

Girls Wrestling Club:

Mission Statement

Mat Sports is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering, promoting and encouraging the sport of amateur wrestling. It is our intention to build character, physical health and well-being, sportsmanship, self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes about dedication, persistence, and hard work among the youth of Novato and the surrounding bay area.

The purposes of Mat Sports Wrestling are to:

  • Establish and conduct a wrestling club for young people regardless of their socio-economic status.
  • Conduct tournaments, competitions and clinics for wrestlers and coaches.
    Tournament Management All Levels
  • Create a travel team to allow wrestlers to attend wrestling camps, clinics, competitions and tournaments in other geographic areas.
  • Assist wrestlers in obtaining AAU and/or USA Wrestling membership cards to allow them to participate in various wrestling events.
  • Solicit and collect contributions from individuals, groups, business and social organizations, corporations, foundations and governmental entities in order to finance the activities of the Club.
  • Assist individual Club members in attending and in competing in regional, national and international wrestling events.
  • Encourage parents and fans to volunteer their time to assist in the conduct of various wrestling events.
  • Disseminate information about wrestling events and activities to wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans.
  • Disseminate information to the general public about the sport of wrestling.
  • Enhance and support media coverage of wrestling events.

Mat Sports United Athletics Wrestling Leagues
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